You are unhappy because you have chosen a wrong attitude towards life.

59740_476379205758089_744055493_nYou are unhappy because you have chosen a wrong attitude towards life. You can be happy if you choose a right attitude. Buddha pays so much attention to ‘right attitude.’ He makes it a base, a foundation — right attitude. What is right attitude? What is the criterion? To me this is the criterion: the attitude that makes you happy is the right attitude, and there is no objective criterion. The attitude that makes you unhappy and miserable is the wrong attitude. The criterion is subjective; your happiness is the criterion.” Osho

The moment you judge a part of yourself

Osho Meditation and Multiversity Center of California

Osho Meditation and Multiversity Center of California

You are dividing yourself into two. You are a whole. All these tricks you have learned about division have to be dropped. You have learned to divide yourself into the godly part and the devilish part, the good and the bad, the high and the low. Drop all divisions. That’s what acceptance means. Acceptance means there is no question of condemnation and whatever is the case, you accept it. Suddenly, there comes a transformation in your being. When I say accept, I say accept all and drop all the compartments. Become one and everything is good. Anger also has its part to play and hate is needed too. In fact, whatever you have, everything is needed – maybe in a different arrangement, that’s all. But nothing is to be denied or rejected. Osho

Everything is ordinary, or everything is extraordinary.

1662019_766100550084124_2123126852_n Whatsoever you want to choose, whichever word appeals to you – everything is important, everything, not excluding anything at all; or nothing is important. Both mean the same, because the moment everything is important, or everything is not important, the very word ‘important’ loses meaning. The meaning remains only if there are some things which are important and some things which are not important, a few things ordinary and a few things extraordinary. Then the word carries meaning. But if everything is exactly either important or unimportant, then the word loses meaning.