10928172_910431155655273_5129084573058811560_nIF YOU ACCEPT YOURSELF, that is the beginning of accepting all. If you reject yourself you are basically rejecting the universe; if you reject yourself you are rejecting God. IF YOU ACCEPT YOURSELF, YOU HAVE ACCEPTED GOD. Then there is nothing to do but to enjoy, to celebrate.


“ The first step in relaxing is the body. Remember as many times as possible to look in the body, whether you are carrying some tension in the body somewhere—at the neck, in the head, in the legs. Relax it consciously. Just go to that part of the body, and persuade that part, say to it lovingly “Relax!”


600_432810296WHENEVER YOU FEEL THAT SOMEBODY IS A DESTRUCTIVE FORCE, immediately tell him to leave. There is no need to condemn him, simply say “WE DON’T FIT.”

DON’T WASTE TIME, and don’t hope against hope that he will change and everything will be okay.

What does this mean?

182305_650599311633460_1724001006_nWhat does this mean?? Meditation is awareness  Smelling the fresh scent of grass in the morning – is a meditation. Watching yourself think – is a meditation. Hearing yourself breathing – is meditation.


MeditationWhiteEvery night sit comfortably in a chair and rest your head back, like you do at the dentist. You can use a pillow. Then release your lower jaw. Just relax it so the mouth opens slightly, and start breathing from the mouth, not from the nose. Don’t change your breathing – let it be natural.



Meditation-EcstasyDecision is good when it comes out of life; it is bad when it comes only out of the head. And when it comes only out of the head it is never decisive; it is always a conflict. The alternatives remain open and the mind goes on and on, from this side to that. That’s how the mind creates conflict.


Give life to things which are beautiful

1904097_627082700753139_7315907948385523409_nGive life to things which are beautiful. Don’t give life to ugly things. You don’t have much time, much energy to waste. With such a small life, with such a small energy source, it is simply stupid to waste it in sadness, in anger, in hatred, in jealousy.
Use it in love, use it in some creative act, use it in friendship, use it in meditation; do something with it which takes you higher. And higher you go, more energy sources become available to you.
At the highest point of consciousness, you are almost a god. 
It is in your hands. Osho