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Introduction To Meditation,& Healing

December 11 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Learn the art of meditation retreat . . . and (re)Treat Yourself. 

Participants will be in silence for one day enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  

This short meditation retreat is perfect for beginners, including those with no experience with meditation whatsoever. Everyone welcome! No previous meditation experience necessary! 

You will learn and experience the ancient art of meditation retreat to refresh your mind.

Meditation is natural to the mind. It isn’t something you learn to do, it is an ability that you discover.

The meditations we offer are simple, natural and easy to do. They bring greater peace, help you to flow more easily with life and experience less inner conflict. Being more at ease mentally and emotionally allows the body to be more relaxed and the mind to be more clear.

During this one-day meditation Zaki  will be introduced to basic breathing meditation practices and practical tips for staying relaxed in daily life that they will be able to bring home with them and integrate into their everyday activities.
Zaki has been teaching, and facilitating workshops, classes, and retreats for the last years.

                                  What i Half Day Introduction To Meditation?

Meditation is a period of time away from your everyday activities, pressures, deadlines, distractions or responsibilities, during which you can develop more self-awareness, appreciation for life, clarity, peace of mind, and mind-body healing.

Sometimes meditation  focus on cultivating creativity, or to uncovering and healing a particular emotional issue.  Some meditation retreats are religious, and can include prayer, or other spiritual practices. Many are secular in nature and are attended by those who are looking for stress reduction and healing in a new perspective on life.

Why should I go on one?

A meditation retreat creates a memory of feeling whole and good – what your life can be. It’s one of the touchstones for more meaningful life and a new perspective. Meditation retreats are secular in nature yet can be deeply spiritual. It’s safe atmosphere designed to encourage participants to find out what’s inside: who they are and what they really want, and to become more intimate with their own awareness and their own life.

The retreats include powerful meditation practices, mindfulness experiences,  There is always time for silence, recreation, and focused discussions and it’s guaranteed that you’ll discover something new about yourself.

Everyone will dive deep into meditation – whether they are new at it or are seasoned meditators. Meditation is a very subtle yet undeniably powerful practice to create more balance in the body, spaciousness in the mind, and a new appreciation for everything and everyone in your life. Our goal is to teach a deep practice of meditation so you can to create an opportunity to retreat every single day. The meditation itself is the retreat.

Meditation Retreat is focused on training your awareness so that you can be more present to your own life and the possibilities available in every moment. This way, when our “real lives” a kick in again when we get home, we can respond rather than react to certain situations.

When you get home, the changes may be subtle at first: you might order something different on a menu, have more patience with your children, or notice you are less concerned about what people think. You might feel more balanced, peaceful, creative or confident. There also could be more profound changes as you explore your relationship to your job, or where you live, or you find  a renewed purpose or passion in life.

Meditation is an excellent way to reduce the stress in your life, without the side effects of medication. Whether you are struggling with cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, fatigue, insomnia, chronic pain, or numerous other health problems that are worsened by stress, you can proactively learn how to reduce the stress in your life through meditation

What is meditation?

It is not contemplation, or concentration – those are activities of the mind, and meditation is about going beyond the mind and entering into dimensions of the unknowable.

This experience, of witnessing, is a knack – it is just a question of finding and practicing a technique that works for you, and it comes. Because it is something our being already knows. It is just blocked by the logic, rationality and control of our minds, which cannot conceive of anything unknowable.

We all know that meditation has been scientifically proved to be good for us – it lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, helps prevent heart attacks, calms nerves, and brings a sense of balance and harmony to the body/mind, creating a feeling of well-being.

How does it work? Basically because, as the medical experts tell us, most of our illnesses originate in the mind, you can say that disease is a result of a ‘dis-easiness we have with ourselves and with our surroundings. The stresses and tensions and repressed emotions accumulated because of the increasingly unnatural way we live our lives. Meditation works because it takes us beyond the mind, to a place of stillness and silence and peace.

                                        Healing benefits include:

600_456483323-1•Relaxation and an escape from life’s chaos 
•Rejuvenate your spirit and connect to your inner peace 
•Allow time for reflection 
•Gain clarity on an issue or life path 
•Find meaning in life beyond daily or material concerns 
•Heal from many different concerns, including divorce or relationship split, a loss of job, or death in the family, and addictions. 
•Heal stress-induced illness by learning proven tools to release stress 
•Reconnect to the divine 
•Contemplate and find inner clarity

•Release your emotional blocks and apply the law of attraction to manifest your dream! 
• Our Spiritual and Wellness retreats connect you to your inner peace and passion.

Meditation doesn’t lead you to silence; meditation only creates the situation in which the silence happens. And this should be the criterion — that whenever silence happens laughter will come into your life. A vital celebration will happen all around. You will not become sad, you will not become depressed, and you will not escape from the world. You will be here in this world, but taking the whole thing as a game, enjoying the whole thing as a beautiful game, a big drama, no longer serious about it. Seriousness is a disease.

These one-day  retreats you will be able to reconnect, rejuvenate and relax.  Nurture yourself and your loved ones with a day  meditation & healing retreat, the spiritual beauty.

This is an open workshop for all seekers , new and old, seekers of all different paths who have walked in search of freedom from the mind, who have taken a conscious effort to start a journey in this path from mind to heart and from heart to the being.

During  the  workshop,of these one powerful day, you will 
Finally lock down a practice so you can be the calm amidst the chaos & move through your challenges withe grace and ease! 

Learn powerful practices to help you stay grounded, calm, and centered 
Empower your ability to heal emotional pain and embrace abundance consciousness.

Zaki was born and raised in Italy,Has been working with people as a therapist, spiritual counselor and friend since 1987. She  works individually with people, leads groups, trainings and seminars and has a broad range of expertise including teaching counseling skills. She has been practicing meditation and transformational therapy for the last 25 years here in the states and at the residence of the Osho Multiversity and Meditation Resort in Pune, India. This center is the largest personal growth center in the world and has thousands of visitors from over 100 countries each year.  She is a certified Osho Breath Therapist,and is also a certified meditation facilitator,Energy Counselling, Reiki Master, and Osho Transformational Therapist, which includes certifications in a variety of healing modalities including counseling. She has helped thousands of people to transform their passion to live happy, peaceful lives, into their daily reality.  She finds the most efficient route to creating and sustaining a beautiful and powerful life.

                      Come, join us for a juicy meditation.

If you arrive late to the meditation, come through the gate on the side and wait there on the chair, you may meditate there and enjoy the beautiful lake until someone comes to get you when the short meditation is finished. 

If you love your friends, invite them to try this experience so unique, I think it will thank you.

Join us for Relaxation – release your tension and stress- feel love and peace within-enjoy life

Sending you boundless love and peace.

Doors will be closed once we begin, please come on time

Wear loose clothes. You do not need yoga mats, as meditation cushions, are provided by us.

We will provide vegetarian lunch, snacks, fruit, and water

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December 11
10:00 am - 3:00 pm