942093_529434623770781_1412795945_n  My way is the way of the drunkard. I would like you all to be drunk with the divine. Less than that won’t do.

     The mind is calculative, hence it remains superficial. And because it calculates too much it always hesitates; only when the time has gone does it come to a conclusion – but  then it is pointless. When the right moment is there the mind goes on thinking and hesitating. The mind is basically an extension of fear. That is not the way to know God. God cannot be known through calculation, through cleverness; God cannot be known by this hesitating mind. It is good in the marketplace but not good in the temple; one has to leave it outside the temple. And to leave the mind outside is to be drunk.

Finding your center

399500_396154753779931_2042103104_nWithout finding your center, there is no satisfaction possible. You can go on searching and you will find many things in life, but nothing is going to satisfy. Just a moment´s illusion when a desire is fulfilled. For a moment you feel good, but only for a moment. As one desire disappears, ten desires arise in its place. Again the whole turmoil starts, again the whole trip. And it is a non-ending process.

Acting Is One Of The Most Spiritual Profession


1463756_427835373982640_768633927_n Every child makes funny faces. Have you watched? Leave him in the bathroom and watch from the keyhole, and he will make funny faces. In fact he is enjoying having a face, trying to manipulate it in many ways, playing with it. And he can play because he is separate. When he is making a funny face, he knows “I am not this funny man. This face is only the face; I am behind it. This is just a mask.”


Fear of Change

       37416_135322683155287_7303141_n: Fear of Change

It is natural. Whenever you feel frightened, just relax. Accept the fact that fear is there, but don’t do anything about it. Neglect it; don’t pay any attention to it. Watch the body. There should not be any tension in it. If tension doesn’t exist in the body, the fear disappears automatically. Fear makes a certain tense state in the body, to get rooted in it. If the body is relaxed, fear is bound to disappear. A relaxed person cannot be scared. You cannot frighten a relaxed person. Even if fear comes, it will come like a waveit will not get roots.