The Inner Rose

1069390_10151572725967865_1410382227_nYou can’t give that which you don’t have. If the inner rose has not yet opened all your love is nothing but words. If the inner rose has opened there is no need to say anything, no words are needed. Wherever you are, with whomsoever you are, love goes on radiating, goes on pulsating. It becomes a constant dance of energy around you – and  it can open only if you provide the basic needs; that is blissfulness.



What you call happiness is just misery in disguise. What you call happiness is nothing but entertainment, pleasure. It is momentary — it cannot be true. Truth has to have one quality, and the quality is of eternity. If something is true, it is eternal; if it is untrue, it is momentary.


Life is a Mystery to Be Lived

female-entrepreneursI have told you that a woman is to be loved, not understood. That is the first understanding: life is so mysterious that our hands cannot reach to its heights, our eyes cannot look into its deepest mystery. Understanding any expression of existence – men or women or trees or animals or birds – is the function of science, not of a mystic. I am not a scientist. To me science itself is a mystery, and now scientists have started to recognize it. They are dropping their old stubborn, superstitious attitude that one day they will know all that is to be known.

Life Becomes A Blissfulness

10383954_10201931949778744_1944497738070332416_nWhenever you allow God to flow through you, whenever you are just an instrument in his hands, when you don’t have any will of your own. That is real war: not to have one’s own will, not to have one’s own ego. And that is real victory: to drop it, to get rid of it, and to be utterly in the hands of god.


1238002_731504860198075_1375480705_nLove is the only real poetry. When the heart is full of love your whole life is transformed from prose to poetry, from noise to music, from discord to harmony.
     A heart without love is a desert, and the man with a heart without love remains ugly. His approach towards life is very unpoetic. He has no aesthetic sensibility, no sense to apreciate the beauty of existence and no awareness to be grateful for all that God has done, for all that the universe is. Only the poet knows how to praise and how to be grateful and how to dance and sing and how to celebrate life and its tremendous blissfulness.


You Start From The BODY

575143_10150947914337264_749321830_nYou can start from the body. When the body starts becoming meditative…. And don’t be puzzled by my use of the word ‘meditative’ for the body. Yes, the body becomes meditative. When it is in a deep dance, when it is functioning perfectly, undivided, as a whole, it has a meditative quality about it, a certain grace, a beauty.” Osho