The Inner Rose

1069390_10151572725967865_1410382227_nYou can’t give that which you don’t have. If the inner rose has not yet opened all your love is nothing but words. If the inner rose has opened there is no need to say anything, no words are needed. Wherever you are, with whomsoever you are, love goes on radiating, goes on pulsating. It becomes a constant dance of energy around you – and  it can open only if you provide the basic needs; that is blissfulness.

     People love out of despair. That is the most impossible thing. It can’t happen in the very nature of existence, it is not possible. People love because they are sad. They seek the other because they are lonely, and love is possible only when you are blissful. Love is possible only when you are not lonely, but alone; not bored with yourself, but enchanted, ecstatic, with yourself.
     Meditation helps you to be blissful; bliss helps the rose of the heart to open; and then love comes of its own accord, just as the fragrance comes to the rose.
     In the right hands even a rock becomes a rose; in the wrong hands even a rose becomes a rock – it  all depends on you.
     So remember it: in the right hands, with the right approach, the desert also has a beauty of its own. In the wrong hands even the rose bushes are nothing. Unless you have the aesthetic sensibility the flowers can’t do anything. and one has to keep it as a goal: the day a rock in your hand turn into a rose . . . the texture of it, the coolness of it, the feel of it and you are enchanted, you fall in love with the rock . . . . That day is of great significance. From that day onwards there will be nothing ugly for you, nothing hard for you, because your heart is soft now. Even in a rock it can find a sermon; even in a rock it can find a song; even in a rock it can find some hidden beauty.

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