I wasn’t feeling like myself when I first got there. I had a lot on my mind. By the end of the day my energy shifted and I felt so much better. The Shamanic Reiki is amazing, beautiful and exactly what I needed. I love the whole Osho family. Zaki has a very special center and her energy and healing are indescribable. Absolutely rejuvenating!” (Shamanic Reiki First Degree-Certification,Training)

~“It was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE. Just what I have been looking for to help balance and take care of me. Finding Zaki and Anando I know is a blessing” (Chakra Balancing & Activating: -Come Alive One-Day Retreat)

~“It was an absolutely Amazing experience. Zaki is a beautiful person who is able to guide me to a deeper state of consciousness. Today’s workshop was truly a cleansing of my soul. Everyone should be doing this!” (Shamanic Reiki – Journey workshop -Certification Training)  Always….Amazing!!!! I was feeling not myself when I got there, but by the time I left I was feeling much better! Thank you Zaki and the Osho Center. Love You!” (Mini Retreat: A Day of Meditation & Spiritual Rejuvenation)  Antoinette

A (Shamanic Reiki First Degree-Certification, Training)

~“Reiki II was a beautiful experience filled with so much knowledge. Anando made a wonderful presentation about the Origin of Reiki and my beloved friend Zaki is the best teacher. I would recommend this training to everyone.”(Reiki, Advanced -II-Degree Certification-Training N. One)

~“This was a powerful and magical experience filled with so many positive energy. Giving Reiki and receiving is beautiful. You heal your soul and makes you feel HAPPY! I released my frustration and anxiety from my daily life. I wish everyone knew Reiki so we could have a beautiful life filled with positive energy! Thank you Zaki and Anando for everything you do for the Osho Meditation Multiversity Center.”.(Sacred Reiki Circle of Light “Free Healing)

~“This was a beautiful and magical experience. The energy was fabulous! I was able to release so many emotions. This helped nourish my body and soul. I’ve taken Shamanic before, but this experience was totally different. I was in a beautiful state of mind filled with peace, joy and love!” (Shamanic Energy Healing Intensive & Sound :Certification Training)

~ “I would like to share a very powerful experience I endured while doing my self healing. After taking Reiki II and learning how to heal using symbols I practice on myself. I had a cyst on top of my eyelid for years. When I was younger the doctor wanted to remove it by surgery and I said NO! It bothered me when I would wear makeup or when I was tired. I learned to live with it. I began doing my self healing for about 4 days when the cyst erupted! All I felt were my hands and eye become HOT! I felt drainage come down my eye! I could not believe what I was experiencing! The cyst is now completely gone!” (Usui Reiki II-Degree Certification-Training)

… Judith Lopez

~“Spiritual Rejuvenation couldn’t be a better way of putting how today went. I came to feel like total crap, and left feeling amazing. Osho Therapy and Meditations are simply the greatest!!” (Mini Retreat: A Day of Meditation & Spiritual Rejuvenation)

~“Wonderful day full of powerful chakra work and Chakra education, Zaki and Anando are truly masters at what they do” (Chakra Balancing & Activating: -Come Alive One-Day Retreat)


“I love the training I get at the Multi University center!  Every class is so informative and very helpful to me with my spiritual growth. Thank you Arnando and Zaki for all your guidance. You truly are interested in our spiritual growth and our well being. I love you two so very much!” (Reiki Advanced -II-Degree Certification-Training N. One)


“I have read your profile and your credentials and I am very glad to join your meetup group and be in this, Sacred Reiki Circle of Light, tonight. Everyone was wonderful. You are very attentive, caring, dedicated, devoted, kind, loving, untiring ....can go on more and more. I really appreciated what I have received from your giving. Thank you very much.” (Sacred Reiki Circle of Light “Free Healing)

… Chai Trisorus

“Miraculous! Magical! Amazing! I spent two evenings learning Reiki healing with Zaki de Lucca. Both evenings I was overcome with unexpected emotion, yet the quiet outflow of tears. The most guiltless, pure and un-lingering tears that my eyes have ever produced. They overflowed my closed eyes during the Reiki initiation- when i was making my life’s wish to the Universal Energy and to GOD. They were not sobbing tears. They were not sad tears. They were purely the cleansing and soothing liquid that my soul was able to manifest in order to purify itself. Both evenings i was wonderfully blessed with golden colored energy followed, which I felt completely peaceful and calm. My mind seemed to have been erased from negative thoughts and emotions. There was no feeling of sadness. I feel a quiet energy, the calmness of the mind, the awareness of my breathingall in unison and all at peace with the rhythm of my heart beat. It was quite a unique sensation. Then we all danced. the movements of dance were effortless. when we danced we didn’t think. we danced to however our bodies wanted to move. no designated steps or instructions. we just danced. This experience was so beautiful. I think i found my spiritual calling. I don’t resist the Universal Energy. My heart and mind were open. Learning how to meditate and clear my mind and wandering thoughts allow my restless body to slow down. A much needed activity. I’m grateful for this experience and a new friendship with Zaki..”


“Good Morning Zaki, I am so excited!!!  I just left the Breast Center from having my 6 month check up on my breast.  I had an ultrasound and the technician did the Ultrasound then left to show the Dr. the films.  She came back and said that she had to do more because she must have missed a cyst that was on the films 6 mths ago but  did not see it now.  So she started doing the scan again and said Well I don’t see it, it is not here anymore!!  The REIKI is working!!!”  Zaki and her center have changed my whole outlook on life. Just a wonderful place to be. Once I get there, I find I do not want to leave. ”

Carrie Formano

“I recently did Zaki’s 5-day retreat program to help me clear out some negative energy.  Zaki is an amazing facilitator and makes each day full of good experiences. Zaki does energy work that works on many levels, leaving you cleared of unwanted vibes. It was a very good experience and Zaki ensures you have a very full program to get the most out of the time you have there.  It is also a very beautiful and peaceful setting.”


 A wonderful place and awesome events! Zaki’s energy is pure & loving, and permeates all the events

— Theresa Hofmeister

“I am so blessed to have discovered the Osho Meditation Center and Multiversity of CA! It really is a home away from home. All my life I feel like I have been searching for something, and I truly believe I have finally found it. Answers to questions I have been asking since I was a child are finally being answered. I am amazed at how advanced we really are as human beings and what we are really capable of. I will never look at life the same. There is so much more to life than what meets the eye. Zaki dedicates her life to helping people who are lost, to find their way. The Osho meditation center is the place to go for anyone looking to bring more happiness, peace, love, and joy into their lives!”

… Jamie W.

My wife and I attended our first OSHO Kundalini Meditation which was nothing short of an amazing experience. The moment we walked in the room you could literally feel the radiant quality of Love & Peace everywhere present. Zaki and Anando are so radically awesome and we could also feel the same Love & Peace vibrating from the center of there beings. Zaki is extremely knowledgeable, as well as Anando which clearly made our first experience effortless. We are so grateful we have met such Loving souls so close to home and even without thinking we will definitely continue to meet up with this group. In addition, we hope to build a lifelong friendship with Zaki & Anando! We highly recommend anybody looking to go deep within to meet your True Eternal Self you must meet up with this group! Peace & Blessings Stephan & Annette ”

— Stephan Escalante

The energy is great! Love and acceptance abound 🙂 I am very grateful to have found this group. ”

This is an amazing group! The events are special, meaningful, and transformative. This is a pearl, a true find. Oh, and the crystal bowl concerts are awesome! The mediation is amazing! And the fellowship is great! Please join us ”

— Joshua Daniel Naggar

My spiritual journey began 10 months ago at the Osho Meditation Center & Multiversity of California. I was a mess spiritually, emotionally, depressed and lost in life. I had been ill for the past two years with an extremely difficult pregnancy and was bound to a wheel chair for several months. During my pregnancy, I was growing a massive and painful tumor in my uterus. One month after I delivered my baby by C-section I began hemorrhaging and had an emergency surgery to remove the tumor. To make matters worse, I was laid off by my employer. Two months later I received the most terrifying news of my life. My brother’s youngest 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 Neoblastoma Cancer. My family and I were torn. My good friend Ana told me how meditation had helped her during her daily struggles and how great the people are at the Osho Meditation Center & Multiversity of California.

I was skeptical about attending because of my religious beliefs and experiences, but I decided to attend a full day meditation workshop. I remember this day clearly! I walked into the center and met the two most wonderful people Zaki and Anando. The center has this beautiful, warm and peaceful feeling and the people were wonderful! I was amazed to feel and see all the love they had for each other. I remember crying so much and releasing all the garbage I had been carrying for years. Something inside of me was moved by this magical experience and my body, soul craved more! On that first day Zaki looked into my eyes and said you will become Sannyas: Breaking away from your past: whatever it was. You are closing your past completely and starting fresh. This is a resurrection a death and a resurrection: the death of the past and the resurrection of something new, so absolutely new that it has nothing to do with the past; it is discontinuous with the past…….. Osho. On September 21, 2013 I became Sannyas and Prem Mouji was born! I learned to LOVE myself and meditation became my daily medication.

So many miracles have happened in my life because of meditation and because of two wonderful people Zaki and Anando. These are some of the courses I’ve taken: Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Advance, Frist Degree Shamanic Reiki, Shamanic Energy Intense Healing. So many people are very materialistic and spend their money on ridiculous name brand items but deep down inside they are miserable. They do this to make themselves feel happy! LOL!!!!!! I know because I would do that! Now I save and use my money to heal my body and soul! I only wish everyone would make Osho meditation part of their lives! Our world would be so beautiful and it only reminds me of the song by John Lennon “Imagine”!

–Prem Mouji

When I first met Zaki, I had no idea of the impact she was about to have on my life. I was on high dose anti- depressant/anxiety medication and sleeping pills for insomnia. I had a lack of motivation and purpose in my life and felt confused, lost, and was taking the already perfect life I had for granted. I was on the verge of divorce and headed for disaster… affecting my life and those of my kids, friends and family. After 1 session, 1 meditation, a few brief phone conversations, and the completion of Reiki 1 certification with Zaki, I’m shocked to say that my life has turned around completely. And in only a few short  months. I am no longer taking any medication. My depression and insomnia seem to have vanished. My marriage is better than it has been in years that we are even planning to buy a house together. And I have gained insight and confidence to start my own home based business which is working out wonderfully! I am starting to live more in the moment, gain new insight in life, have experienced new avenues of spirituality, and appreciate the life I already have and the people that are a part of it. I’m allowing people to enter my heart more easily am having made life lasting friendships over the past few months with people that were merely acquaintances in my life for years. There is more love in my heart to share with those less fortunate. I am starting to see life from a new perspective. And I owe it all to Zaki. If it wasn’t for some force drawing me to seek her out, my life would be on an entirely different path right now. Zaki, I thank youmy husband, family, friends, and children thank you! Because of what you have done for me not only effect my life and future, but of all those around me as well. You truly are an angel! ~ Jamie W.

This has been a life changing experience for me. I am so ever grateful to my beautiful friend whom I LOVE ZAKI and OSHO! This was an intense journey filled with emotions and positive energy! Words cannot express my gratitude and experience. This is a must take courses  if you are willing to open your heart and remove all the garbage you carry! Elisa Consoles