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Develop your Intuition: Listen to your inner voice

December 11 @ 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Intuition opens its doors through meditation: meditation is simply knocking on the doors of intuition; intuition is also completely ready; it does not grow; you have inherited that too from existence.” Osho


We come into the world with clear-eyed intuition, but soon learn that seeing the truth in a world full of hypocrisy is not safe – we lose contact with the still small voice inside that is so essential to our ability to navigate the world openly and honestly.

To live from intuition is to live in meditation, and learning to use our intuition enhances our ability to remain in the space of meditation, even in the busy marketplace of the world.

Opening to Intuition is an opportunity to rediscover your intuition in a playful, safe environment. An invitation to live from the clarity and simplicity of the heart – a precious way to meet yourself and others, and a useful tool for relating with people in work or play.

The process involves exercises and meditations that help us to move from the mind to the body and from there to the sensitivity of the heart.

We work individually, in pairs, and as a group – experimenting with our innate ability to read the energy of the world around us and to trust our own vision and feelings. You will gain confidence from the feedback and the support of the group.

“One who trusts in the whole existence also trusts in himself, because he is part of the whole. He listens to his heart’s voice and follows it. Unafraid he goes with his heart. He trusts his intuition. And once you have known the art of how to listen to your intuition, you will be surprised: intellect can err, intuition never errs – it is infallible. It always directs you in the right course of action.” – Osho


When faced with important decisions in life, your intuition is your best friend.
But many people have difficulty in listening to this inner voice, especially when the mind is busy offering all kinds of other possibilities.
What to do? How to decide? Which is my real voice and what is it saying?
In this workshop, Zaki introduces simple, practical tools for helping you focus your attention on your inner voice.


Have you been feeling stuck in your head?
Have you been questioning your life decisions in work, relationships, or just life in general?
Have you been feeling fearful, low in energy, low in confidence and just not yourself?
Do you feel like you know what you want but things are not happening quick enough for you or you don’t know where to begin?
Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, fed-up, and just want to get out of your own way so that you can be happy?

What happens when you listen to your intuition?
You feel relieved, you feel calm, grounded, at peace in mind and heart.

You no longer doubt yourself because your intuition speaks with certainty and clarity.

You no longer judge yourself because you finally accept your whole self for who you are.

When you listen to your intuition, you learn to recognize your triggers that take you out of alignment.

You learn to control your thought process and emotions so that your head will never lead you astray again.

You learn to make decisions easily and quickly, you act upon your dreams and passions.

You start to see yourself differently which in turn reflects how you see the world.

You change, therefore, your life changes.

You become energetically aware of your surroundings and you won’t stand for anything that is not in alignment with your inner happiness.

You remove fear from your mind which elevates your energy so that you can manifest anything you desire.

Everyone is intuitive! Did you know you could learn to tap into your natural powers? Imagine if you could:

Clearly hear your inner voice

Trust your decisions

Tune into what your body needs

Recognize and clear energy that is not yours

Move on from past issues and limiting patterns

Feel peace of mind

Once fear is gone, you replace it with FREEDOM.
We’re all intuitive and our intuition/gut feeling show up all kinds of different ways, it’s helpful to learn how to activate and decipher what’s coming from our spirit guides or guidance and what our logical mind is telling us.
When we follow our intuition, we can discover our life purpose, best path and just navigate through daily life easier.

The event will provide you with everything needed to enter your Heart and create the life that you desire from only Love. During the event you will be guided to activate your Beams of Light and opening of your 3rd eye which will generate a Halo around your Head. This activation will increase and develop your psychic abilities. As the final result of this your natural light Body will activate from your Heart and become immediately permanent.

• The difference between Love & Fear Meditations
• Healing Your Emotional Trauma Meditation

Benefits of the Workshop
• Learn to Create from the Heart (not from the brain where there is always a negative effect)
• Activation of the Human Light Body
• Opening of the 3rd Eye increasing Psychic awareness and abilities
• Learn to move your Spirit from your brain into your Heart and shift the lens in which you view life through
• Understanding Polarity, Fear and Unconditional Love
• Connect with Mother Earth and Father Sun
• Healing of Emotional Traumas



Love and gratitude will dissolve all negativity in our lives, no matter what form it has taken. Love and gratitude can part seas, move mountains, and create miracles.

Your purpose is what you say it is. Your mission is the mission you give yourself. Your life will be what you create it as, and no-one will stand in judgment of it, now or ever. Love is a greatly misunderstood word. The key difference is that human love is conditional; spiritual love is unconditional. Human love is distorted or conditioned’ by biology (sex), emotions and mind. As such it suffers all the distortions associated with these such as lust, infatuation, attachment/clinging, submission/domination, control, jealousy, betrayal, hatred and vengeance. Spiritual love has none of these. It is a spontaneous and freely given expression of the divinity that lives within us and as such has no expectation, requirements or conditions.

Love is an expression of the delight of consciousness as it interacts with existence. In spiritual parlance this is called ‘ananda’, the bliss of being. The capacity of consciousness to experience, learn and understand is due to this capacity. Our self awareness is due to the interplay of consciousness with the human body. Human consciousness is unique in this way. It allows us to know we are alive, to have an identity and to learn, grow and connect to others, to discover the nature of ourselves and this world we live in.

On the spiritual path this state of unconditional love is one of the highest expressions of our divine potential. Its powerful radiance subtly impacts one who is in its presence. This radiant force nurtures and empowers the divine presence inherent in each of us, giving us the strength and clarity to overcome the obstacles and challenges of the spiritual path. Unconditional love is irresistible and greatly aids the difficult transformative process necessary for one to progress on the spiritual path.

There are three forces that transform us from human beings into divine beings. They are Truth, Consciousness and Love. Truth destroys untruth, consciousness destroys ignorance. This is the transformative power of Truth-consciousness. But unconditional love dissolves all separation and barriers. Without the radiant presence of unconditional love the spiritual path is difficult and demanding as our ego resists and rebels. The ego surrenders all to unconditional love. This is its magic. With just a touch of this unconditional love we find the strength to let go and surrender, allowing the force of truth-consciousness to enter and undo all that separates us from divine.

We are all divine in essence and as such can recognize and respond to the radiance of unconditional love. Understanding this state of being, finding it in ourselves and learning to live and act in this state is in itself a way to become established in this state.

If you are firmly committed to creating authentic, supportive relationships that will transform yourself and thus the world, this retreat is for you. And if the thought of spending time in deep work, intimately interacting with others, strikes terror in the fiber of your being, then this is definitely for you. It is through our fears that we find freedom.

Will being in a culture centered on stress and performance.

We will do Meditation: Active Meditations are scientifically designed to help you get out of your mind and into experiencing life itself. Every meditation session and workshop is an opportunity to explore and expand your self-awareness. Anger, sadness, joy, laughter, sexual energy, love, silence and celebration are all part of the journey. Throw off your tension, open a playful heart and drop into the silence witness. This “active meditation” integrates physical methods for stress release with mindfulness and reflection. A sequence of movement and dance will relax your body.  This “active meditation” integrates physical methods for stress release with mindfulness and reflection. A sequence of movement and dance will relax your body.  ” Unblock your energy and deeply relax your body. Effortlessly, you will then enter a phase of silence, rest and deep meditation.

Wellness starts with a relaxed body, balanced emotions and a clear mind. Because our mind and emotions are so intricately linked with our physical body, movement and expressive dance are powerful and indispensable tools for relaxation and

Where Active Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Meet.

These meditations can make a big difference in how we feel immediately afterwards and how we experience our work and play.  Wednesday, near the end of the week, is a great time for these meditations as they help us unwind from our week’s activities.

Meditations of Contemplation and Understanding.

Right Understanding Will Immeasurably Improve Your Life€

 Meditations developed by the mystic Osho. It was designed specifically for the modern man. You can go into the meditative state much quicker and much deeper.

This movement meditation is perfect for people who want to release physical tension &emotional burdens! Participants usually emerge feeling refreshed and energized while in a state of meditative stillness. They frequently report that they are more at ease with themselves and their world. Such a flower… Surely meditation is good for our soul…and our body!!! 

 We will do guided meditations, energetic techniques, interactive-psychospiritual we will focus on the topics that most commonly block authentic connections to ourselves and others. All this leads to personal processing, transformation and liberation. We will dis-identify from the ego-infused personality and re-identify with a soul-infused personality.

E begins by identifying and experiencing those energies and attachments which block our hearts from loving ourselves and others. It might be fear, anger, disappointment, regret, guilt, and so on. Once experienced we will then move into the process of releasing and letting go.  
Self-judgment is the energy that denies the Goddess Within.

We will study the issue of our self-judgment. Judgment destroys all self-acceptance. It erases all hope of authentic connection with Self and others. It creates the chasm of separation and it is the source of our society’s deepest, most denied pain. Self-judgments is the source of our ego’s illusions. To become aware of how judgment-caused separation permeates the fabric of our life is to empower ourselves with the ability to dissolve its tenacious grip on our heart and our society. Through the opening of our heart comes the healing of not just our lives, but all the lives that our judgment-free heart touches with the empowerment of acceptance and unconditional love.

This  event  allows no more denial. We will focus on the blocks. We will move into them. They will know the healing of love and compassion as separation melts into unity.


                            The Grace of Forgiveness

Within the throat chakra we hold the bitter clog of the past, hungry for the divine act of forgiveness. We will practice forgiveness of your precious self and others. This path goes straight to the heart. Each moment of forgiveness intensifies our freedom. But the work has a snowball effect. What starts as tools used in a group event will continue gathering power throughout the retreat and beyond. We will all experience the grace of forgiveness.

We all desire love and intimate relationship. We will be awakening our hearts to loving the self in order to love others more intimately and deeply. This is our spiritual path. We will invite love to awaken us to the deeper powers of life, for to be in relationship is to be fully in life! We will experience the challenge of the human heart to feel tenderness, unconditional love, and the divinity that links us all. 


Open Heart Meditation enables us to gently let go of all our emotional baggage no matter how big or small. It helps us to be able to forgive ourselves and others for any past mistakes, fears, worries, burdens or resentment so that we can live a happier, stress-free life with a more loving open heart. This is a great benefit for ourselves and everyone around us.


When we open ourselves up to the divine qualities of the heart, such as bliss, peace, harmony, love, understanding, empathy, clarity, purity, unity, compassion, kindness and forgiveness – we begin radiating in higher frequencies and experience not only benefits to our emotional well-being and personal fulfillment, but also we experience blissful relationships and healing in many other aspects of our lives.  

The universe is constantly showering us with gifts, when we open up our being to gratitude, we are ready to receive those gifts and our life becomes an expression of joy and wonder! 


Open Heart  event 

Will help you experience the Love within your Heart. You will also be taught a meditation to cleanse and heal your physical and non-physical being.

Cleanse and open the Divine Gate even more. Let True Source’s Love help for self healing. Let your heart become free without being blocked, so the Love can radiate more freely and sweetly. Let True Source’s Love bring us into the Pure Love within our heart. Let True Source’s Love remove our limitations on a deeper level, so that the Love can work on our whole heart and our whole being Surrender to True Source from within the Love in our heart. Interact with others from within the Love within the heart.

Realize true source’s blessing even more.

Share true source’s Love with others as an instrument of

  True source living your life with the realization that life is an opportunity to get closer to sure  source

Benefits of attending an Open Heart Event :

Learn to relax and reduce stress

Discover more about your heart

Connect to and strengthen

 Your heart Become heart centered and enjoy peace from withinGain higher Understanding and insight

Feel the love and light radiate from your heart

Clear negativities and unburden your heart

Slows the aging process

Promotes more restful sleep

Calms and balances the physical body 

 Increases memory and learning Increases creativity and problem solving abilities. 

In this group you are held in a sacred circle of opening your heart and allowing your secrets to be express. Discovering the eternal wisdom of women, we can at last come back to own power. Home to our power.

Loving yourself, doesn’t mean indulging yourself. It means to learn to trust yourself and listen to your inner self. To trust your inner guidance that is your heart. After all, if you don’t trust the messages from your heart, then how can you trust the heart of another?

Love from another won’t make you feel whole if you feel empty inside. You will just find reasons why the person who offers you their heart, is lying or trying to deceive you. If you haven’t learned to receive love from you higher source and instead depend on others, you end up feeling possessive and jealous.

Discover your true goddess nature  
– Release anxiety and depression  
-Experience your vitality and joy.

We will help you to access true feminine strength and step into your goddess power. In the magical space we create together you will be able to relax into your female life-force energy, moving beyond any fears and doubts to joy and ecstasy.

 Free yourself from limiting habits and beliefs. Learn true acceptance. Experience your vitality and joy. Discover the source of your well-being. We will guide you lovingly and sensitively on a physical and emotional journey, finally discovering what it really means to be female.

With compassion, understanding and deep intuitive guidance, We will help you clear the suffocating residue of negative or traumatic sexual experiences from the past.

Celebrate your feminine essence and fall in love with your body again. Detach from the inner critic who voices all those negative thoughts about not being beautiful/pliant/thin enough…. Discover the secret of how to live a guilt-free life.

Heal fear, shame and guilt around sexuality.

Expand  your energy, Transformation through circle, sacred movement, shamanic, empowered, communication, improve body image, Celebrate the sacred.

Sacred Dance – including Sacred Shamanic Dance.  
Awaken cellular memory.    Energy Healing, he pulse is deepening. Our sharing as women gathers power every moment whether we are together or apart.  
We trust this kind of magic, something wanting to be felt and seen from beyond. From the depths of our wombs. Let us share our wisdom, gather together again in love and nurturing embrace.

In the warm, cozy space  you will be nurtured by ancient restorative.

We  offers a unique and beneficial way to explore our relationship to our bodies, our  expression, our desires, our relationship to pleasure and our capacity for love.

You’ll be  giving the body, heart, and mind space to rest in stillness, revitalizing your receptivity to life.

You will have the space, the time, the encouragement to simply be.


Acquire a basic understanding  the Sacred Power that will help to lead a more harmonious and fulfilling life. Learn to trust again. 

You will experience.


energy, nurturing togetherness . .

A  people  under 18 years of age must be accompanied by her mother, aunt, sister or grandmother. Nursing and bottle-feeding mothers are welcome to bring their infants. Come celebrate the Divine Presence that is in all of us in a sacred, interactive, fun and safe environment. Throughout the  sacred and playful interactions, you will learn how to bring  love, joy and awakening into your everyday life. We all deserve to feel fully alive, loved and connected with ourselves and others. By opening our hearts (even a little bit), we invite unconditional love to be present.

*Space is limited, please register early to reserve your place.


Honor your  friend  with a heart salutation Give and receive a melting hug Opening to trust ritual Stretch into love Breathe to connect. Learn about chakras In each class solo and interactive exercises incorporate conscious use of breath, movement, dance, sound, conscious touch, energy work and meditation. The classes are devoted to sacred sensuality, opening the doors to your soul.


Awaken to the ecstatic bliss of conscious. 

To create the life of your dreams, the time has come for you to love You. Focus on Your joy. Do all the things that make You feel good. Love You, inside and out. Everything will change in your life, when you change the inside of you. Allow the Universe to give you every good thing you deserve, by being a magnet to them all.  To be a magnet for every single thing you deserve, you must be a magnet of love.


We all need healing, we all need peace of mind, and we all need Love! This beautiful evening of meditation and healing will touch you in a way you have never experienced before. 


Zaki was born and raised in Italy. She has been working with people as a therapist, healer and spiritual counselor since 1987. She works individually with people, leads seminars and has a broad range of expertise including teaching & counseling skills. She is an experienced meditator and teacher of meditation.  She has used many different meditation techniques and has helped hundreds of people to learn the art of meditation. She has been on the journey of meditation with the Indian mystic, Osho, the Buddha of our times, who developed a science of transformation for the modern man.

She has been practicing meditation and transformational therapy for the last 25 years here in the states and at the residence of the Osho Multiversity and Meditation Resort in Pune, India. This center is the largest personal growth center in the world and has thousands of visitors from over 100 countries each year. She has training in many therapeutic approaches including Bioenergetic, Hypnosis,  Breath Work, Primal Feeling, Experiencing Trauma Therapy, Inner Woman work, the Osho Tantra Intensive, the Path of Love and the Osho Therapist Training.  She is a certified Osho Breath Therapist,and is also a certified meditation facilitator, Energy Counseling, Reiki Master, and Osho Transformational Therapist, which includes certifications in a variety of healing modalities including counseling.

She has helped thousands of people to transform their passion to live happy, peaceful lives.  Her work is a synthesis of many years of spiritual and therapeutic practice and is characterized by her enthusiasm, compassionate love of people, and humor.

Giving time and awareness to your heart is a precious gift. You can still join us on this journey. The event is suitable for beginners and advanced participants, for singles, couples and family members, everyone who wants to spend quality time alone or together. 


So come, join us for an evening of magic & celebration, an evening of powerful transformation! 

When we are in that space, we will do energetic s and Aromatherapy.

Zaki selected fragrances of exotic aromatherapy, specific frequencies.

Zaki We will do healing  with Beamer Light Pen is a leap in Light Therapy.

The Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen. It has been developed to focus the energies of Aura-Soma into the sensitive areas of the body charkas, meridians, acupuncture points, and the subtle energy fields around the body. The dual color combination vials, which contain the energies of the Equilibrium Bottles, featuring the vibrations of color, plants and crystal energies have been specifically selected for application on the energy points of the body.  Each vial will bring a different quality to whichever pathways it is brought into contact with. In this way personal energies may be modified and enhanced. These energies will support the flow of Chi around our bodies for well-being and bringing the gifts and potentials more fully into our lives. The Light Pen is also well suited to work with the densities within our subtle bodies. The study and work with the light is a vast subject and ready to be received in this time of our evolution.


The Aura Soma Light Pen allows for the energies of color and light to be distributed throughout the body and energetic bodies. This is achieved by shining the colored vials of Aura Soma onto specific acupuncture points, chakras and by tracing meridian pathways with the light pen. Something truly magical happens when light and color are introduced to the energy field. 

A true sense of your self is reignited, from there you can walk your path with clarity, wisdom and authenticity.

Light Pen

Have some space to reflect. Re-connect to your inner wisdom. A divine and beautiful experience.

The Beamer Light Pen is beneficial for:

Those who suffer with anxiety

Those who suffer with stress


Chakra balancing


Acupuncture points


Grieving the loss of a loved one

Giving time and awareness to your heart is a precious gift. You can still join us on this journey. The event is suitable for beginners and advanced participants, for singles, couples and family members, everyone who wants to spend quality time alone or together.

 Join us and discover the joy and confidence that comes from living intuitively. You’ll receive inspiration, simple meditations and creative tools to create your desired relationships, health, financial flow and more.



Doors will be closed once we begin, please come on time.

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December 11
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm