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Dance Meditation For Release Stress: Osho Kundalini Meditation

November 8 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

    • A popular evening active meditation practice

      Beginners Welcome!

      This meditation is designed for the early evening to support you to let go of the days accelerated stress, burdens and inner tensions. Includes soft shaking the body, dancing, witnessing and resting stages.

      It is an individual experience so you should remain oblivious of others around you.
      Stressful living and unexpressed emotions can effect our ability to live joyfully and relate to others.

      This meditation helps you to shake seriousness, sadness, stress and fatigue. It brings inspiration and creative energies to flourish in your life.

      The Kundalini Meditation is the gentle sister of Dynamic Meditation the morning meditation. It acts like an energy booster . A meditation for the early evenings to shake off the burden of the day. A true stress – release!

       Kundalini Dancing Meditation  Shake, dance, celebrate, then melt

      into relaxation and silence. This meditation is like an energetic shower, releasing stress and bringing delight. Everyone over the age of 15 is welcome to attend. 

      Osho Kundalini Meditation-Bioenergetic 

      Techniques for Health, Happiness and Harmony

      OSHO Active Meditations & Dancing . Join us to meditate, dance, shake, enjoy, share, celebrate, relax, feel, express and be yourself

      Kundalini Meditation: Where Active Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Meet.

      Osho meditation Center & Multiversity of California has created “our sacred earth” as an interactive social meditation. Here you won’t sit still for long. We’ll bring you into the present moment in an enjoyable way – by being with others. Social meditations will guide you to dance, meet people and express yourself. As these activities nourish your body and mind, you will be led naturally into a space of stillness and meditation. 

      Be loving to the earth. Sow the seeds of love on the earth. The question is not for you to enter into some paradise in the skies. On the contrary, the question is how to transform this earth into paradise. It has all the potential.” (Osho) 

      We will alternate between two Osho active meditations

      Kundalini Meditation’ Nataraj Meditation vipassana, nadabrahma, ’ that help effectively release stress from our body and minds and open our energy. These meditations can make a big difference in how we feel immediately afterwards and how we experience our work and play.  Friday near the end of the week, is a great time for these meditations as they help us unwind from our week’s activities.


    Meditations of Contemplation and Understanding

    Right Understanding Will Immeasurably Improve Your Life

    OSHO Kundalini Meditation is one of the many €œactive€ meditations developed by the  mystic  Osho. It was designed specifically for the modern man. You can go into the meditative state much quicker and much deeper.

    This “active meditation” integrates physical methods for stress release with mindfulness and reflection. A sequence of movement and dance will relax your body.  “Osho Kundalini Meditation” uses gentle shaking, moving and dancing to unblock your energy and deeply relax your body. Effortlessly, you will then enter a phase of silence, rest and deep meditation.

    Wellness starts with a relaxed body, balanced emotions and a clear mind. Because our mind and emotions are so intricately linked with our physical body, movement and expressive dance are powerful and indispensable tools for relaxation and well-being in a culture centered on stress and performance.

    This movement meditation is perfect for people who want to release physical tension and shake off their emotional burdens! Participants usually emerge feeling refreshed and energized while in a state of meditative stillness. They frequently report that they are more at ease with themselves and their world. Please join us and enjoy this wonderful meditation

    Such a flower… Surely meditation is good for our soul…and our body!!!


    Active Meditations are scientifically designed to help you get out of your mind and into experiencing life itself. Every meditation session and workshop is an opportunity to explore and expand your self-awareness. Anger, sadness, joy, laughter, sexual energy, love, silence and celebration are all part of the journey. Throw off your tension, open a playful heart and drop into the silent silent witness.



    Modern man is a very new phenomenon. No traditional method can be used exactly as it exists because modern man never existed before. So, in a way, all traditional methods have become irrelevant. For example, the body has changed so much. It is so drugged that no traditional method can be helpful. The whole atmosphere is artificial now: the air, the water, society, living conditions. Nothing is natural. You are born in artificiality; you develop in it. So traditional methods will prove harmful today. They will have to be changed according to the modern situation. Another thing: the quality of the mind has basically changed. In Patanjali’s [the most famous commentator on Yoga] days, the center of the human personality was not the brain; it was the heart. Before that, it was not even the heart. It was still lower, near the navel. The center has gone even further from the navel. Now, the center is the brain. That is why teachings like those of Krishnamurti have appeal. No method is needed, no technique is needed – only understanding. But if it is just a verbal understanding, just intellectual, nothing changes, nothing is transformed. It again becomes an accumulation of knowledge. I use chaotic methods rather than systematic ones because a chaotic method is very helpful in pushing the center down from the brain. The center cannot be pushed down through any systematic method because systemization is brainwork. Through a systematic method, the brain will be strengthened; more energy will be added to it. Through chaotic methods the brain is nullified. It has nothing to do. The brain always comes in to systematize, to make things mathematical, and the heart is suppressed. So firstly, a chaotic method is needed to push the center of consciousness from the brain toward the heart. Then catharsis is needed to unburden the heart, to throw off suppressions, to make the heart open. If the heart becomes light and unburdened, then the center of consciousness is pushed still lower; it comes to the navel. The navel is the source of vitality, the seed source from which everything else comes: the body and the mind and everything. I use this chaotic method very considerately. Systematic methodology will not help now, because the brain will use it as its own instrument. Nor can just the chanting of bhajans help now, because the heart is so burdened that it cannot flower into real chanting. Consciousness must be pushed down to the source, to the roots. Only then is there the possibility of transformation. So I use chaotic methods to push the consciousness downward from the brain. Whenever you are in chaos, the brain stops working. For example, if you are driving a car and suddenly someone runs in front of you, you react so suddenly that it cannot be the work of the brain. The brain takes time. It thinks about what to do and what not to do. So whenever there is a possibility of an accident and you push the brake, you feel a sensation near your navel, as if it were your stomach that is reacting. Your consciousness is pushed down to the navel because of the accident. If the accident could be calculated beforehand, the brain would be able to deal with it; but when you are in an accident, something unknown happens. Then you notice that your consciousness has moved to the navel. If you ask a Zen monk, “From where do you think?” he puts his hands on his belly. When Westerners came into contact with Japanese monks for the first time they could not understand. “What nonsense! How can you think from your belly? But the Zen reply is meaningful. Consciousness can use any center of the body, and the center that is nearest to the original source is the navel. The brain is furthest away from the original source, so if life energy is moving outward, the center of consciousness will become the brain. And if life energy is moving inward, ultimately the navel will become the center. Chaotic methods are needed to push the consciousness to its roots, because only from the roots is transformation possible. Otherwise you will go on verbalizing and there will be no transformation. It is not enough just to know what is right. You have to transform the roots; otherwise you will not change. When a person knows the right thing and cannot do anything about it, he becomes doubly tense. He understands, but he cannot do anything. Understanding is meaningful only when it comes from the navel, from the roots. If you understand from the brain, it is not transforming. The ultimate cannot be known through the brain, because when you are functioning through the brain you are in conflict with the roots from which you have come. Your whole problem is that you have moved away from the navel. You have come from the navel and you will die through it. One has to come back to the roots. But coming back is difficult, arduous. Traditional methods have an appeal because they are so ancient and so many people have achieved through them in the past. They may have become irrelevant to us, but they were not irrelevant to Buddha, Mahavira, Patanjali or Krishna. They were meaningful, helpful. The old methods may be meaningless now, but because Buddha achieved through them they have an appeal. The traditionalist feels: “If Buddha achieved through these methods, why can’t I?” But we are in an altogether different situation now. The whole atmosphere, the whole thought-sphere, has changed. Every method is organic to a particular situation, to a particular mind, to a particular man. The fact that the old methods don’t work doesn’t mean that no method is useful. It only means that the methods themselves must change. As I see the situation, modern man has changed so much that he needs new methods, new techniques.





    Being fully immersed in the shaking and dancing of the first two stages helps to “melt” the rock-like being, wherever the energy flow has been repressed and blocked. Then that energy can flow, dance and be transformed into bliss and joy. The last two stages enable all this energy to flow vertically, to move upwards into silence. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go at the end of the day. Kundalini meditation lasts for one hour and has four stages; three with music, and the last with Kundalini acts like an energetic shower, softly shaking you free of your day and leaving you refreshed and mellow.

    When you have mastered the conditions necessary to be in the state of meditation, you reach more expansive levels of meditation and gain the ability to integrate that experience into your daily activities.

    Introduces us to the most fundamental steps of meditating. He begins with guidance related to diet, exercise and sleep and then helps us understand how the body, thoughts and emotions can be purified to help us move into meditation.

    Benefits of Osho Active Meditations

    Immediate Benefits to a meditator

    Inner peace and silence, better attention and concentration, calming influence on everyone around us.

    Stress management through raising own our stress resistance and by changing our reactions to things that disturb us

    Freedom from habits and addictions

    With time the feeling of bliss from meditations will be enough for


    to stop looking for other sources like smoking

    drinking to get happy. They do drink

    socially but

    not to derive solace or ease from drinking or smoking

    Improved health through cleansing of our subtle system. Like our physical body needs good balanced food and adequate exercise for cleansing

    our mind needs meditation to cleanse the subtle body which surrounds our physical body. Seers have said that diseases first start in subtle body many weeks before they appear in

    physical body

    So meditation will keep the subtle body energies balanced

    Changed priorities, we start to discover our own inner source of self-motivation, self-respect and enthusiasm for life. The competition for power, position, money has made man more tense than ever before in the history of 3000 years and after meditating for

    Dance and celebrate life.

    A great opportunity to celebrate life and your inner silence trough different techniques of meditation, a meeting between the east tradition of silent witnessing and the joy of dance and celebration of life with dynamic and conscious movements, more compatible with the western life style which needs to move before sitting in silence. The mind then becomes quiet more easily.

    You can enjoy the beauty of your silence, and share with us the bliss of your love, and all your emotions. You will be free to express yourself in all possible ways and be accepted and loved as you are, in a friendly and protected atmosphere.

    Meditation will bring you more and more intelligence, infinite intelligence, a radial intelligence. Meditation will make you more alive and sensitive; your life will become richer. Ordinarily you are violent towards others but the mind is very cunning – it can learn non-violence, it can preach non violence, then it becomes violent towards itself. And the violence that you do on your own self is respected by people because they have an idea that to be an ascetic is to be religious. That is sheer nonsense. God is not an ascetic, otherwise there would be no flowers, there would be no green trees, only desserts. God is not an ascetic, otherwise there would be no song in life, no dance in life – only cemeteries and cemeteries. God is not an ascetic: God enjoys life. God is more Epicurean than you can imagine. If you think about God, think in terms of Epicurus. God is a constant search for more and more happiness, joy, ecstasy. Remember that.

    Always remember that if you are moving in the right direction, you will go on flowering

    Kundalini Meditation is a gentle yet effective way to release all the accumulated stress.

    Meditation accepts us just as we are-in both our tantrums and our bad habits, in our love and commitments and happiness. It allows us to have a more flexible identity because we learn to accept ourselves and all of our human experience with more tenderness and openness. We learn to accept the present moment with an open heart. Every moment is incredibly unique and fresh, and when we drop into the moment, as meditation allows us to do, we learn how to truly taste this tender and mysterious life that we share together.


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November 8
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm