735235_456839434378733_697654211_nFirst be blissful independently of others, so you need not ask that they should make you blissful; 
you are already blissful…..
“ Meditation means the art of being alone. And love means the art of being with people, the art of being together. But meditation comes first.

First one has to learn to be blissfully alone. If you are blissful in your aloneness you can be blissful in togetherness. If you are not blissful with yourself how can you be blissful with anybody else in the world? It is impossible, it is against the law of life.
But that’s what millions of people are trying to do, just trying to do the impossible, and then there is misery, frustration, failure, despair, anguish.
Start with meditation and then move into love. First be blissful independently of others, so you need not ask that they should make you blissful; you are already blissful.
And once you are not dependent on others you are never possessive. It is dependency that creates possessiveness, and possessiveness is poison to love.
Only a non-possessive consciousness can be loving. But to be non-possessive you have to fulfil the first requirement: be blissful with yourself, at ease, at home. Then if somebody is there and you happen to be with somebody you can share your joy.
Then it is a sharing, not a begging. And love is beautiful when it is a sharing, then it is a sheer gift. And the joy of giving is the greatest joy in life. “

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