Children Should be Treated With Great Respect

998124_210734339075797_1058813880_nAll the societies have done just the opposite: they have been teaching children to respect the parents, respect the elders, the grandparents.
It was a continuous problem for me because in India the families are joined.

In my family there were almost sixty people; everybody was an elder, and there was a continual exercise to touch their feet. Finally I said to my father, ”Enough is enough. I don’t see any point in it. I don’t have any respect for these people; I don’t see anything worth respecting in them. Why should I touch their feet?” I refused. My father said, ”That is going to be a trouble.” I said, ”That is your problem, that is not my problem. I have solved my problem. I will certainly touch the feet of somebody whom I feel respect for, whom I feel some deep love for. But why should I go on doing this exercise to every person for whom I don’t have any feeling?” But this is the way the children are being brought up: respect the old people.
Just because they are old?
Has oldness something respectable?

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