Depression – The very Word is Meaningful

67305_372258429599938_8239724131827732299_nDepression – The very word is meaningful – 
it says something is being pressed; 
that is the meaning of depressed.
You are pressing something inside, 
and when anger is pressed too much 
it becomes sadness.

Sadness is a
negative way of
being angry,
the feminine way
of being angry.
If you remove the pressure on it,
it will become anger.
You must have been angry
about certain things
from your childhood
but you have not
expressed them,
hence the depression.
Try to understand it!
And the problem is
that depression cannot be solved,
because it is not the real problem.
The real problem is anger –
and you go on
condemning depression,
so you are fighting with shadows.
OSHO – This Is It

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