Emotions are always in motion

1741_487849624597317_1291620467_nEmotions are always in motion and are not concerned with you at all.
Those who have taken the pains to watch the cyclic nature of emotions know that emotions keep changing and that too without being concerned about the ‘facts’ of the situation. Sometimes we wake up angry, for no reason. Sometimes we are sad. Sometimes we are happy. Emotions aren’t you, just a part of you. Understanding this will make you more and more relaxed and your actions will not be determined by how you feel but my awareness.

This brings us to the next point.
—. Accept yourself and accept everything. Choose nothing. In accepting fully, one immediately transcends.
Putting up a fight with life is a lost battle from the very beginning. Our energies are spent and we become tired and desperate because of the struggle itself. Accepting something doesn’t mean agreeing with it. It simply means that we accept that which is, and which often cannot be changed. Starting from this point of understanding, one can then do or not do something about it.
Accept fully, with no judgement and immediately the light starts shining in.

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