Every love affair is a failure, without excepti


Every love affair is a failure, without exception....

You are all in search of a secret love. And you are all trying to find it in somebody else. Hence the frustration of all lovers except those who are never allowed to meet. Only those who are never allowed to meet are remembered, for centuries, for their great love.

In the East we know Shiri and Farhad, Laila and Majnu. Because they were never allowed to meet by their parents and society they have become symbolic of great lovers. But it is strange: they were never allowed even to meet with each other, and they have become the symbols of great love. And what has happened to the millions of lovers who have been allowed? Not a single one of them has proved to be a great lover. All are simply lousy.

Every love affair is a failure, without exception. You may accept it, you may not. One tries to hide the fact as long as possible, but everybody knows what everybody is doing.

Your frustration is bound to happen. Your real love is for the eternal self, hidden behind the curtain, and you never look behind the curtain. You are just playing on the stage and befouling.

Everybody’s great love is to know the secret of the eternal and immortal life. You cannot find it in another person. When you meet on the sea beach it seems — and to everyone it is the same story — “this woman — or this man — is made for me.” Nobody is made for anybody; everybody is made for himself.

You are not some kind of manufactured parts, such that you are made to fit with each other. So when you don’t fit, then the tragedy begins. Before that all is goody-goody. The real test is after the honeymoon. After the honeymoon the lovers are finished, they don’t look at each other eye to eye. The husband goes on reading the same newspaper to avoid the wife….




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