ec8bacca-71ff-4f90-bbd9-006d8aa4de0eGoogle the word “happiness” and you get over thirty-two billion results. The pursuit of it is enshrined in the United States Declaration of Independence as an unalienable right. The state of being happy feels good. So why aren’t we happy all the time?
When there is a lot of running about, a lot of running here and there, man is unhappy. Happiness is being at complete rest. You run here and there in search of happiness, but your arithmetic is wrong, your calculations are faulty. You think you will find happiness by running hither and thither, but in the end all this running only makes you miserable. The final result of all this running about is unhappiness. The more you run, the more miserable you will be. Happiness is that moment of rest when there is no more running, when you are just at rest, when you are simply there where you are, when you do not move even an inch. And then, in that moment of rest, there is happiness, there is nothing but happiness.Meditate over this.”Osho

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