I am against all goals


The questioner:

 “I am always in a hurry and always worrying whether I will be able to reach or not.”

Osho responds:  

There is nowhere to reach and there is no one to reach. The whole idea of a goal is illusory. Then you start living in the future, and the time is now, and the place is here. … That is the whole art of becoming miserable, that is the whole basis of anguish, anxiety. It divides you, it divides you from your present reality. The total becomes more important and the moment becomes less important, and the moment is real and the goal is just a dream. When you live for a dream you will suffer, because the dream cannot be fulfilled. The dream can never become reality; the dream will remain a dream. And you will be wasting precious life. I am against all goals. God is not a goal, truth is not a goal. Truth is already here. If you are also here, there will be a meeting. But you are not here. God is waiting here for you and he never finds you here, you are somewhere else — on some other planet, in some other time, in some other place. It is not a question of you going to God, the question is of you coming to God. It is not a question of going, it is a question of coming back home. God is waiting for you here….



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