Learning To Silence The Mind

7281638-group-of-people-practicing-yoga-in-white-clothes--isolatedWellness Through Meditation  

The mind, says , has the potential to be enormously creative in dealing with the challenges of everyday life, and the problems of the world in which we live.The difficulty, however, is that instead of using the mind as a helpful servant we have largely allowed it to become the master of our lives. Its ambitions, belief systems, and interpretations rule our days and our nights – bringing us into conflict with minds that are different from ours, keeping us awake at night rehashing those conflicts or planning the conflicts of tomorrow, and disturbing our sleep and our dreams. If only there was a way to switch it off and give it a rest! Finding the switch that can silence the mind – not by force or performing some exotic ritual, but through understanding, watchfulness, and a healthy sense of humor – is meditation. A sharper, more relaxed and creative mind – one that can function at the peak of its unique intelligence. Osho

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