Love has to be meaningless.

602312_435110279844843_1457808164_nLove is a rose flower, beautiful as it i. Love is great only when it is meaningless. All meaning is mundane; whenever something has meaning it is ordinary.

     All that is great has no meaning. Beauty has no meaning, truth has no meaning, god has no meaning, because they are not commodities in the marketplace. A beautiful rose flower – what meaning has it got? It is utterly beautiful but without any meaning. You cannot reduce it to some meaning. It has no purpose, it is simply there. And what meaning has the sky full of stars? No meaning at all.

     Meaning is a man-made idea. If man disappears from the earth roses will go on blooming, stars will go on shining, the moon will rise, and all will go on happening, but there will be no meaning. Meaning was man’s creation. God created the world, man created meaning; and because it is man’s creation, it remains small, trivial.

* Love has no meaning. Love is a rose flower, beautiful as it is; but it is not a commodity. You cannot evaluate it, you cannot fix its price, you cannot label how valuable it is, what price it has got; it is invaluable. But the paradox is: things which are meaningless are very significant. That is the difference between meaning and significance. A thing may be meaningless – that does not necessarily mean that it is not significant; on the contrary, the more meaningless a thing is, the more significant it is.

     The person who simply lives through meanings starts feeling life to be insignificant. He collects money, money has meaning; he becomes very respectable, respect has meaning; he becomes politically powerful, power has meaning. But his whole life becomes devoid of significance. He lives and dies but never comes to know the poetry of life.

     The poetry is available to those few who are ready to live meaninglessly, who are ready to live purposelessly, who can enjoy things for their own sake. Meaning means that everything has to be used as a means to some end. When I say that things can be enjoyed on their own accord it simply signifies that each thing is an end unto itself.

     So although your name has no meaning, if you join it with love it will give you great significance. Meaningless love can become the foundation of a greatly significant life.

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