Love Is Its Foundation

264510_10201869307546934_267914989_nI am creating here: a world of love. Love is its foundation.Become more and more loving… not for any particular reason.

Start enjoying the very phenomenon of love. Share whatsoever you can share. Don’t be miserly, don’t hoard, because the more you give, the more you have. The more you give, the more you get; the less you give, the less you have. And if you don’t give at all, you have simply an empty shell, hollow; there is nothing inside you.

Life happens only to the givers. Love is the art of giving.I teach only two things: love and awareness. Awareness is something that you have to do inside your being, and love is something that you have to do with others. Love is relating with others, it is bridging yourself with others.

And awareness is bridging you with yourself. If one can fulfill these two simple processes of love and awareness nothing else is needed. This is my whole religion. These two words contain my whole philosophy of life.You start with love, and the other will come of its own accord — the other always comes. If you start with awareness, one day love comes. If you start with love, one day awareness comes.

There are only two possible ways to reach to god. One is meditation, the other is love. They are not really as separate as they appear, in fact they are two sides of the same coin. But to a few people meditation appeals, it suits them, and to a few other people love appeals and suits. So there can be only two kinds of religions in the world: the religion of the meditators and the religion of the lovers. Both reach to the same peak but through different routes.

Let love be your route. Love more and more. Enjoy loving. Let love love itself! Let love be your beloved, and then you are not far away from god. He is just around the corner. The meeting can happen at any moment.

Love has to become your meditation, it has to become your work upon yourself. It is the greatest work one can do, but it is arduous too because you have to drop your jealousies, you have to drop your ego trips, you have to drop your possessiveness, you have to drop all kinds of politics of dominating people. Only then can love well up within you.

Love is there — everybody is born with it. Inexhaustible sources of love are there but so many rocks are preventing its flow. And rather than removing those rocks we think they are very precious, we protect them.

One has to consciously remove all rocks on the path of love, only then one day will love start flowing.

And the day it flows from your heart you start expanding, you start becoming bigger and bigger, you start becoming oceanic. The small dewdrop disappears, you become something vast. That vastness is god, that infinity is god.

Love is the surest bridge to god. If anything succeeds, succeeds absolutely in finding god, it is love.


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