Love is not something which we can create

imagesLove is not something which we can create; it is something given. It is inbuilt in our very being. It is not something that we produce later on; it comes with our birth, it is a natural energy. We may deny it expression; then it becomes a repressed force. It can turn sour, bitter, poisonous, if it is repressed. If it is not repressed, it is grace, pure grace, beauty, bliss, benediction.

     And these are the only two ways to live life: either one can live a life which represses love . . . That’s what ninety-nine point nine percent people are doing and have been doing down the ages – a  life which is against love. But how life can be really life if it is against love? It is far more better to die than to live without love; it is far worse than death.

     Life is life only through love, because of love. Love is the indwelling spirit of life; without it life is an empty house. Life is a corpse if love is not there. But people have decided to live lives without love, because a life without love is more convenient, more comfortable, more secure, safe. A life without love needs no intelligence, needs no courage, needs no risk. It is mundane and mediocre, but safe, certainly safe, and people are so much interested in safety that they are ready to become dead. If everything is insured they are ready to enter into their graves right now. If somebody can take all the risk of life, they are ready to lose life itself.

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