Meditation is only against false love

480172_605666096129449_60671866_nThe false will disappear, and that’s a basic condition for the real to appear. The false must go, the false must vacate you completely; only then are you available for the real. So for a few days forget all relationships.

The second thing, which is also a very great danger, is that you can make it a style of life. It has happened to many people. They are in the monasteries — old monks, orthodox religious people who have made not being in a love relationship.
Lifestyle. They think that love is against meditation, and meditation is against love. That’s not true. Meditation is against false love, but is totally with true love.
Once you are settled, when you can go in no further, you have reached the core of your being, the bottom rock, then you are centered. Suddenly energy is available but now there is nowhere to go. The outer journey stopped when you started meditating, and now the inner journey is also complete. You are settled, you have reached home.

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