Osho Accept Yourself


417418_386987954684282_36732051_n (1)A rose flower is a rose flower, there is no question of its being something else. And the lotus is a lotus. Neither does the rose ever try to become a lotus, nor does the lotus ever try to become a rose. Hence they are not neurotics.

They don´t need the psychiatrist, they don´t need any psychoanalysis. The rose is healthy because the rose simply lives its reality.

And so it is with the whole existence except man. Only man has ideals and shoulds. ‘You should be this and that’ – then you are divided against your own is. Should and is are enemies.

And you cannot be anything other than you are. Let it sink deep into your heart: you can only be that which you are, never anything else. Once this truth sinks deep, that ‘I can only be myself’ all ideals disappear. They are discarded automatically. And when there is no ideal, reality is encountered. Then your eyes are here now, then you are present to what you are. The division, the split, has disappeared. You are one.

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