PrayerYou don’t have any name and nobody has any name! Names are just useful, utilitarian. Deep down you remain nameless. Your reality remains always undefined; no name can contain it. So remember that: rather than paying too much attention to a name, pay much attention to the nameless reality behind it, and remain nameless.

     It is good – people  have the need. A name is needed to be called by, to be addressed by, but that’s where its function is fulfilled. When you are sitting alone in your room you don’t have any name; you have a name only when somebody is addressing you. If you are in the mountains, you don’t have any name.

     When you are with the trees you don’t have any name, when you are in the mountains you don’t have any name. When you fall asleep you don’t have any name in your dreams. So the name is a social label, utilitarian.

     I always give beautiful names to people because why not be generous? It costs nothing!


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