539201_503415699705889_660894924_nMind is like a mirror. Meditation is nothing but a cleansing of consciousness. It gathers dust: the dust of experience, the dust of thoughts, the dust of memories, the dust of desires; layers upon layers of dust. And it is natural: each mirror gathers dust, and mind is a mirror. If the dust becomes too thick, then you become blind, then you can’t see – and  that’s the state millions of people exist in. The mirror is there but covered with such dense dust that it reflects no more.

     Meditation is a process of cleansing, of making the mirror spotlessly pure – not  even a particle of dust on it. Then you start reflecting the tremendous beauty of existence, the incredible joy of existence. The very poetry of being is reflected in you, resounds in you. And that’s what God is all about: the experience of inexpressible beauty, the experience of such joy that one cannot even imagine it, the experience of ecstasy so deep, so profound, that one is utterly lost in it. That’s what God is all about. In a single word “god”, all these things are implied: joy, bliss, beauty, benediction. But one has to cleanse the mind. It is very dirty. And I mean literally dirty; not that it is evil, not that it is bad. It is simply covered with dust!

     It is natural for it to be covered with dust. Just as you take a bath every day and you change your clothes, exactly the same is needed for the inner: a bath every day, a changing of clothes, dropping the old, dying to the past, and living in the present.

     If one can live in the present without thinking of the past and the future, mind remains pure, and that purity is the door to the divine.

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