You want to do a personal special spiritual retreat?


Do you feel stuck emotional, energetically,

mentally or spiritually?

We can help you

 Transformation   Retreat 

We often need time to replenish and rejuvenate from stress, allowing time to heal and repair. Life offers opportunities and challenges to help us grow, which can be overwhelming and confusing


We offer a serene and supportive environment to quiet the mind, connect with  yourself  and renew the spirit. Spend your days enjoying the peaceful and healing.

A personal  spiritual retreat provides an opportunity to get away from hectic daily life and renewal at your leisure.

Daily classes and  personal sessions  we are offered every day to enhance

your retreat experience. We offer classes’ active mediation, &passive mediation, guide mediation, pyramid mediation, 

& training.

course,   program  for lose weight.

 Personal retreat differs from our programs, trainings, and workshops because it gives you complete flexibility. 

 Our center is located in beautiful Southern California, on a private 34 acre lake. We have a group meditation room, a private room for individual sessions, and private rooms for overnight accommodations. All are welcome!

Meditation is a very individual and private experience. No two meditators meditate in the same way. Each meditation   participant  faces unique challenges in their practice. We specialize in one-on-one lesson packages custom fit to each student’s needs. If you are serious about learning meditation and establishing a regular practice, private lessons are the best way to learn. Our lesson packages are designed to firmly establish new meditators in a fabulous meditation practice. The packages include private lessons, suggested readings, meditation space consultation, and plenty of support. We   personal training Retreat, session & meditation learn healing.

Is a beautiful starting place .
The tastefully modern, silent rooms all have air conditioning and  bathrooms.

Contact us 951-242-8158

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