The sunny radiance of eternal light

Illuminate all with your kind eyes and send them penetrating compassion.
Let’s look deeply into the art of manifesting happiness. Plant virtuous seeds that bring the abundance of joy.
Feel the strong rays of truthful existence emerge from your heart.

Stay away from evil deeds and do not plant unwanted seeds that bring bad karma. Rejoice in your eternal nature that is at peace with all that is. We can be skillful with our lives and become true artists of the soul.
Our habits help shape our lives
Embrace good habits and be done with bad habits. The simply things we all do each day can create Heath and beauty within us or destroy us. Be aware of the food you eat and the things you drink that nourish your body. Become more whole be eating more holistic foods, and since we are organic beings naturally organic foods are better for us.
Remember to really breathe deeply in and out and clean your inside with the freshness of nature.
Truly we are blessed to be alive yet most don’t seem to care for themselves as much as we probably should.
No one on Earth is perfect yet all souls are striving for balance.
Enjoy the bright rays of sunshine and illuminate those around you.

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