538568_10150915533243768_907993390_nTO BE FRIENDLY WITH ONE’S MIND IS ONE OF THE GREATEST STEPS IN SELF-TRANSFORMATION. True silence is when you don’t cultivate it, but on the contrary, you start looking into your anguish, anxiety, tensions, thoughts, all of your mad mind… When you look into it deeply, perceptively, sympathetically, lovable, because you want to understand. It is your mind and you want to understand it, because without understanding it you will never be wise, without understanding it you will never become known to yourself; there is no possibility of self-knowledge. And without self-knowledge, all other kinds of knowledge are just futile. So try to understand your mind. Don’t condemn it, don’t repress it. Give it full play… Allow it. Bring all that is thrown into the basement back into the consciousness. Allow everything to come to the surface so you can see, watch, observe, analyze, look into, with no prejudice, with no antagonism.

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