Two hearts meet, it is a love affair

399500_396154753779931_2042103104_nAll the mystics all over the world have always felt impotent as far as communication is concerned.
Communion is possible, but communication, no. This has to be understood from the very beginning. A
Communion is a totally different dimension: two hearts meet, it is a love affair. Communication is from the head

to head; communion is from heart to heart, communion is a feeling. Communication is knowledge: only
Words are given, only words are said, and only words are taken and understood. And words are such: the
very nature of words is so dead that nothing alive can be relayed through them. Even in ordinary life, leave
aside the ultimate, even in ordinary experiencing when you have a peak moment, an ecstatic moment, when
you really feel something and become something, it becomes impossible to relate it in word

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