The World Can Come To A Harmony


The world can come to a harmony if meditation is spread far and wide, and people are brought to one consciousness within themselves. This will be a totally different dimension to work with.  Up to now it was revolution. The point was society, its structure – it has failed again and again in different ways. Now it should be the individual, and not revolution, but meditation, transformation.

And is is not so difficult as people think. They may waste six years in getting a master’s degree in a university, and they will not think that this is wasting too much time for just a degree which means nothing.

It is only a question of understanding the value of meditation. Then it is easily possible for millions of people to become undivided within themselves. And they will be the first group of humanity to become harmonious. And their harmoniousness, ttheir beauty, their compassion, their love – all their qualities are bound to resound around the world.

My effort is to make meditation almost a science, so it is not something to do with religion, so anybody can practice it – whether he is a Hindu or a Christian or a Jew or a Mohammedan, it doesn’t matter. What his religion is, is irrelevant: he can still meditate. He may not even believe in any religion. He may be an atheist; still he can meditate.

Mediation has to become almost like a wildfire. Then there is some hope. And people are ready; the have been thirsting for something that changes the whole flavor of the society. It is ugly as it is, it is disgusting. It is, at most, tolerable. Somehow people have been tolerating it. But to tolerate is not a very joyful thing.

It should be ecstatic. It should be enjoyable. It should bring a dance to people’s hearts. Osho 

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