Why is it important to love yourself?

600_263243032Why is it important to love yourself?

Well, a lot of  people  think that loving yourself is selfish and narcissistic. What’s funny though is that true self-love can’t be narcissistic. Self-love is loving; narcissism is just selfishness, which is not loving. Self-love starts by giving love, attention and care to yourself, but if that is where we stop, then it stops being self-love.

Self-love that is not extended to other people and given away isn’t self-love. The flow of love and self-love is a giving and a receiving.

Why it’s important to start with self-love though is because ultimately we are the ones responsible for our actions, choices and the outcome of those actions and choices. We cannot give to someone else what we don’t have and likewise we cannot get from someone else what he or she doesn’t have.

Self-love is important because it is remembering where our power is. First we welcome in the Love of The Uni-verse. Then we give more of that Love to ourselves. As we begin to be filled with this Love, we then pour it on to others in our lives.

When we are in self-love, we also have boundaries and learn how to say no. It’s a balance that is learned over time.

If you are confused about all this self-love talk and don’t know what to do in any situation, get still and just ask yourself, “If I truly loved myself, what would I do?” Other great questions to ask are: “What actions would I have to take in order to bring Love to this situation or relationship? Is there any way I can take better care of myself in this moment, so I have more to give instead of less?”

Self-love is not all about “me, me, me”; but it starts with “me” so that we can build a strong “we”.  Think of self-love as the foundation of a happy and full life, but not the full expression of it. The full expression of Love comes when we give Love away and, because the Love of The Uni-verse is infinite and our true Source, we lose nothing by giving our Love away.


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