Love brings freedom because it knows no imposition


Love is the only virtue. Other virtues are needed only when love is missing. They are substitutes and very poor substitutes at that. Love is the only commandment. If love is missing then the ten commandments are needed, and even those ten cannot fulfill the need because all will be formal, imposed. Only love arises from within. Law is always imposed from the outside, and that which is imposed from the outside cripples, paralyses; it makes you a slave.

     The which brings bondage cannot be virtue. Virtue has to bring freedom, virtue has to be freedom. Love brings freedom because it knows no imposition. And it is not that love is against law. It is only against it when law is against love, otherwise not.

     And whenever law is against love it is not lawful, it is not just. Law is lawful only when it is in harmony with love. Love is the criterion, even the criterion of law. It is the decisive factor and to me it has the highest value. There is no higher religion than love. And all religions and all paths are nothing but approaches to love in different ways.

. Let love be your only virtue. Forget everything else! Meditate on love, live through love, live as love and miracles happen. The greatest miracle is that love gives you intensity in life, makes your life aflame and yet deep at the very core you remain cool.

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