Love & Meditation

542020_354814197935714_340297045_nJust enjoy
the sheer being,
the sheer joy that we are…
the sheer joy of the sky,
the trees and the birds
this miracle
that is happening around you,
this fantastic world,
this incredible existence.

Just enjoy it
and it will start showering
many new flowers on you.
Simply remain still,
silent, absorbing,
and the energy
will accumulate,
will become a reservoir,
and one day
it starts overflowing
for no reason at all —
not that it is going
to search for anything,
not that it has
any motivation,
not that it has any goal,
for no reason at all
but simply
because it is too much
and you cannot contain it.
And it is not
that you are trying
to pour it into existence, no.
It is happening on its own —
you are just a watcher.
And there is delight,
and there is celebration.

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