Transforming Destructive Unconscious Emotions into Creative Energie


From time to time, unconscious emotions – anger, fear, hate, jealousy, greed, lust, cowardice, etc, run our life. Or it might be more appropriate to say they ruin our life.

They are unconscious because they take possession of us often for no rational reason, or with a strength that is out of proportion to the situation that provoked them. And they eat away at our energy – in the night they become nightmares and in the day they affect all our actions.

The only way we know how to deal with these unwanted emotions is by repression or expression.

With repression, the emotion, for example anger, is there, flooding our body, but we are trying not to be angry. We control it, and in so doing, it doesn’t just go away, it is simply driven deeper into the unconscious, where it accumulates as a poison. The more we do this, the more poisoned we become. It is not healthy, and eventually it drives us neurotic. And we know that at any moment the accumulated anger can explode, and then it is uncontrollable.

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