From Medication To Meditation

101563655A disease, any disease, first arises deep in the mind and then moves towards the body. It may take a long time to come to the body, it is a long distance. You are not aware of it when it is in the mind, you become aware of it only when it strikes hard at the roots of the body. You always feel the disease in the body, but it always originates in the mind. You are not aware of it then, so you cannot do anything about it, but when it comes to the body then of course you start seeking a physician, some help. The physician, seeing it in the body, starts treating it in the body. It can be treated in the body – but then some other disease will arise, because the treatment has not gone to the very source. You have been changing the effect, but not the cause. If it can be changed in the mind, then the disease will disappear from the body immediately. That’s how modern research on hypnosis proves that every disease – at least in principle – can be transformed, changed, can be dropped, if the mind is changed. And the vice versa is also true: if the mind is convinced by hypnosis, then disease can be created also. Just two or three days before, somebody sent me an article of deep significance. One man – one physician, a doctor in California – has treated many patients with cancer just through the imagination. This is the first clue which opens the door…. And not one patient, many. What he does is he simply tells them to imagine – if they have cancer of the throat, he tells them to relax and imagine that the whole energy of their body is moving towards the throat, and the gland is being attacked by their energy. Just like arrows from everywhere, all over – moving towards the throat and attacking the disease. Within three, four or six weeks the gland simply disappears without leaving a trace behind. And cancer is thought to be incurable! Cancer is a modern disease; it has come because of the stress, tension and anxiety of life. There has, in fact, been no cure for it up to now through the body. If cancer can be treated through the mind, then everything can be treated through the mind. Osho,

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