The first thing is the body. The body is your base, it is your ground, it is where you are grounded. To make you antagonistic towards body is to destroy you, it is to make you schizophrenic, is to make you miserable, it is to create hell.

You are the body. Of course, you are more than the body, but that ‘more’ will follow later on. First, you are the body.

The body is your basic truth, so never be against the body. Whenever you are against the body, you are going against God. Whenever you are disrespectful to your body, you are losing contact with reality, because your body is your contact.

Your body is your bridge. Your body is your temple.

Tantra teaches reverence for the body, love and respect for the body, gratitude for the body. The body is marvellous. It is the greatest of mysteries.


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