Osho Talk about Hypnosis

1238002_731504860198075_1375480705_nHypnosis therapy should dissolve into hypnosis, and hypnosis should dissolve into meditation. Then we have created one of the greatest forces for enlightenment, which has never been used in the past.
“Therapy has never been used. Therapy will cleanse you of all garbage, it will take away all your conditioning s; therapy will help you to cathart ¬†anything that has been there and you have been repressing inside. Therapy will throw it out.
“Therapy is¬†a beautiful cleansing process, and a mind cleansed will fall into hypnosis more easily, without any struggle. Perhaps even those who are not easily available to self-hypnosis or to hypnosis the people who don’t belong to the thirty-three percent With therapy even they may start belonging to the group which is available for hypnosis. Therapy can change one hundred percent of people into authentic candidates for hypnosis.

“So therapy has to be used in such a way that it slowly dissolves into hypnosis, and then hypnosis has to be used so that it can become steps going towards meditation.
“These three things together I propose to be my trinity. God and the holy ghost and Jesus Christ… forget all that nonsense. That is not a trinity. But something scientific, something that you can do yourself, something that is possible to be practiced… Except for that, religion is so full of garbage, and people have become more interested in the garbage and forgotten the essential. In fact, the essential has become so small in comparison to the Himalayan garbage that has accumulated on top of it down the centuries that it is even difficult to find where it is.Osho

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